'To develop global citizens using the humanitarian challenges and achievements of SurfAid as an educational example for action.'

The SurfAid Schools Program is a global education program based around surfing and the surfing lifestyle.

The program was developed by teachers who made the connection between the humanitarian activities of SurfAid, the engaging appeal of the surfing lifestyle and the growing need for young students to develop a relevant global perspective for the future. This means building an informed approach to inter-cultural understanding, global social responsibility and global sustainability.

Thanks to support from Billabong, free teaching programs and other resources have been developed for this website. These resources allow teachers to show that “ There’s more to Surfing” than just riding waves.

We will continue to expand our resource base support services so that we can offer teachers and students new and interesting ways to include the activities of SurfAid in their teaching and learning.

Thank you for joining us on our educational journey.