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1Can I get a guest speaker to come to my school?No Category
2Can I take a school excursion group to the islands?No Category
3Can I volunteer to work in the villages?No Category
4Can we go there and help by "digging a dunnyā€¯, painting a wall or building something?No Category
5Can we send clothes or books or other items to the villages to help them?No Category
6Do I have to pay?No Category
7How can I run a fundraising event for SURFAID?No Category
8How do I get resources?No Category
9How does SURFAID spend its money?No Category
10How does the Schools Program operate?No Category
11I want to help. What is the best way to help the people?No Category
12Still looking for answers?No Category
13What is the SURFAID Schools Program?No Category
14What programs does SURFAID operate?No Category
15When did SURFAID start?No Category